Holy Ghost Prep

Computer Lab Usage


2018-05-18, "C" Day

Founders Lab
Period 1Mr. Petcaugh 24
Period 2Mrs. Joganich 24
Period 4---
Period 5Mr. Petcaugh 24
Period 6/7---
Period 7/8---
Period 9Mr. Petcaugh 24
Period 10---
EHGP Redesign by Robert Conway '13, Computer Science Advanced Topics Honors (CSATH) Class
With artistic advice from Mrs. Karen O'Brien Smallen, HGP Art Teacher, and coding work by other CSATH Class members
Vincent Pillinger '13, Frederick Kummer '13, and Christian Kardish '14, with advice and direction from
Mr. Michael Jacobs '01, Director of Technology, and Mr. Michael M. Meistering, Computer Science Teacher