Saturday, 2022-01-22

From: Mrs. Finadrag
To: All Grades

NHS Tutoring-Starting Monday 1/24:
Get your semester off to a great start! If you need some extra help with a subject, remember NHS Tutors are available to help!
Starting on Monday 1/24, NHS tutors are available in the library every free period (except 10th period) for the remainder of the semester! Stop by the back table of the library (nearest Sager) if you need a quick extra set of eyes or need a concept re-explained. In addition, tutors are available after school on Mondays and Wednesday in the library from 2:45-3:30.

If you have a specific tutoring request for a class, please submit a request using the link provided when you sign into EHGP. Questions see Mrs. Fina/Mr. Profy.

From: Mr. Croskeydrag
To: All Grades

The ultimate team will look to defend its City title this spring. If you are interested in playing this season, please attend an informational meeting during break on Tuesday 1/25 in room F201. No experience necessary.

If you are already committed to playing and are not a part of the HGP Ultimate Spring group on Schoology, send me a message to be added.